About Us


The syndicated Canadian Trucking News Radio show was launched in May of 2006 and aired on thirty-five radio stations throughout Canada. Over the past ten years, the show name changed and stations were added, including four stations in the USA, one in Europe and Australia. The radio show evolved through several incarnations from The Canadian Truck News Radio Show, to American Driver Radio to the Driver Show, and now simply Trucker Radio. Throughout all those years, Stan Campbell and Tim Denis remainsed as the hosts.

In December 2012 Alexis Broadcasting Company of Niagara Falls assumed ownership of the show from Nashville’s Cool Broadcasting Company. The first order of business for Alexis Broadcasting Company was to form an alliance with Canada’s most renowned transportation industry publication, Truck News Magazine of Toronto. In January of 2013, the show was simply renamed, Trucker Radio. Alexis Broadcasting Company co-owner and veteran broadcaster, Stan Campbell remained as the show anchor seat along with Tim Denis as his co-host. In addition, Truck News Magazine Executive Editor James Menzies joined as a weekly reporter along with occasional trucking industry executives and trucker-bloggers and other newsmakers.

Since 2006, the Trucker Radioi Show included a mix of current and classic country music. However, over the past several years, country music had evolved into what can only be described as pop-country, with more emphasis on pop. However, the music is the key to getting the show on the air on terrestrial radio stations. Without the music…no show on radio.


The mission of the Trucker Radio Show has evolved over the past two to three years with the emphasis on the modern trucking industry and the goal of smashing tired old stereotypes in favor of the high tech industry it has become.


In late 2014, Alexis Broadcasting co-owners Stan Campbell and Marta Ramirez decided to offer a trucking news and talk program targeted directly at the transportation industry. A one-hour news and talk show allows everyone who has a need-to-know to hear the program on their schedule, anywhere, anytime on their PC, tablets, and smart-phones.
Trucker Radio News & Talk is a weekly one-hour program available online at www.truckerradiotalk.com. The show is also available on iTunes, Tunein, Spreaker and Soundcloud. A new show becomes available every Monday by 2 pm eastern time with breaking news updates whenever they happen.


As of March 25, 2017, our Trucker Radio News & Talk will be heard on weekends, all over North America and North of Mexico, on SIRIUS/XM, on the "Canada Talks" channel 167!  


Trucker Radio News and Talk is branching out into video in the Spring of 2016 with short and long form videos of industry events and seminars.